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Well seeing as the uni situation didn’t work out I’m now in the market for a job. However said job needs to be somewhere small and preferably in Nantwich, so it could be interesting! Fingers crossed though! I’ve started picking someone’s brain about the care industry and am going to pop into the Lady Verdin Trust next week to see if they have any jobs going.

Talking of searching, I’m also house hunting for somewhere for Stuart and I to live in the new year. We still don’t know if we’ll even be in the UK for much longer so that makes it more difficult! Who knew life could get so complicated? I’m hoping that we’ll get to spend Christmas in the house we’re in at the moment though so that we can have a proper Christmas in our own home and say goodbye. I’m so soft and sentimental!

On the plus side, my parents have left the building! Life is quiet again and less stressful again, thank the Goddess! They went on their merry way a couple of hours ago, sadly they took my babies with them 😦 so there are no lovely doggies in the house any more, but off they went with their new caravan to Poole and then on to France. I think they’re visiting people on the way to the ferry on Monday. Hopefully I won’t be seeing them again for a long time.
Also, I need an iPod nano for my Mum’s birthday/Christmas present. I keep being outbid on ebay 😦

Also, in my usual over expectant and princessy way I have done an amazon wish list to give people ideas for Christmas presents! The link is on the left so feel free to browse and buy me stuff, how cheeky am I?! It was not entirely my idea, Weewifie whom I follow on twitter (she blogs too) did one and said it was great fun, which it was!

And RIP Steven Gately, I am a huge Boyzone fan and have been since I was a kid and I always loved him. Thoughts are with his Husband, family, friends and the rest of the group, he seemed like the nicest man in the world. Oh, and Jan Moir, shut the f**k up you evil cow.

In telly news, I am loving season 5 of Supernatural so far, seasons 2 and 4 are my favourites so far but it may be a contender! Also really enjoying True Blood which looks like it’s going to be an excellent series, and not just for the fantastic sex scenes! I’m not so hooked on Flash Forward as the rest of the UK seems to be but it’s not bad! Of course, I am hooked on X factor, despite the lack of talent this year! My money is on one of the over’s to win, mainly because they’re the talented ones! I really wish that they could have not put through any of the groups and all the over’s, that would have been much fairer. I was really chuffed to see Robbie back on stage, even if he did look like a deer caught in the headlights, his performance was fantastic although I don’t like the song. This week I really hope Cheryl Cole sings live because I think it’s disgusting that anyone is allowed to mime, if you can’t sing live then you shouldn’t do it at all.


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Life is hard…and sucky


The entire uni situation is more stressful that I first imagined, all sorts of bad things going on again in my life. Who would have thought something “good” could cause so much shit to hit the fan?

I’ve asked uni if they will let me study from home, they said no because the course requires class discussions, *sigh* who knew? Any way, I am looking into the Open University who do English Language with no requirement to talk to people, this we like! However, this means that I need to get a job which may be a problem if it isn’t somewhere small. I will be applying around my tiny town and praying that people are taking on for Christmas but failing that I think I am royally stuck. And of course the damned government will give me no help because I’m just not failing to function enough.

I feel this turning into a political rant and I can’t be bothered with that!

Anyway, we are looking for places to live now, although now that we’re not stuck in the UK for 3 years because of uni we can move to America ASAP, which is a good thing. The further away I am from Gordon Brown and his idiotic policies the better.

Damnit, political rant again! Sorry!

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