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I’m so glad to have Stuart back, it’s fantastic to be able to wake up with Him in the morning and go to bed with Him at night and spend all the time in between with Him, I’m such a softy! We have been doing lots of catching up, chatting to all hours of the night, watching films together and planning our future together.

Since I got my fabulous Boyfriend back we have been just relaxing together at home aside from a trip to Rennes yesterday to visit Ikea, which we both love! We had a lovely day out, had lunch at Ikea’s cafe which was delicious (and remarkably cheap!) and wandered round deciding how we want our house to look and remarking at just how much stuff they sell for sexual purposes (aka pervertables)! In fact, we love it so much that we will be having our Wedding list there! Speaking of Weddings, I was shocked last night when discussing colour schemes with Stuart I realised that, not only does He not know the difference between powder colours or any of the various shades of colour, He also thought that everything had to match the colour scheme, including His suit and my dress! *sigh*

Today we did some sunbathing and I pampered His feet in the little foot spa my Mum has, trimmed His toe nails and gave His feet a massage 🙂 He now has very pretty feet! Is it just me who thinks there is something very satisfying about looking after the love of your life?

Nothing much else to report, just a nice relaxing week! 🙂


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