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Almost Home

I am aware that I am posting late but I’ve been busy, and have had no internet, damned frenchies.

Anyway, this week Stuart and I recorded, edited and set up the blog for our podcast which now has a name: World of Kink, I’ll pop a link up from here but if you know us or are related to us it’s probably going to be way too much information for you! It is an adult podcast so you have been warned! I’m really hoping it goes well, we’re trying to find somewhere to host it at the moment and any help would be greatly appreciated! We’re intending to discuss all varieties of kink and kinky news from around the world. I’m also trying to make it easier for people to find their kinky community in the UK because, as many people I’ve spoken to have noted, it’s very difficult to find people in real life.

Alongside the world of podcasting we went to St Malo yesterday which was lovely. We had a wander on a beach on the way there to give the dogs a break from sitting in the car. We had lunch in a lovely, small restaurant, sadly the quiche type thing that I ordered tasted so strongly of vinegar that my main meal consisted of vinegar and potato, fortunately the fruit crumble I had for pudding was delicious! The rest of the family were very happy with their foreign pork dish and bread and butter pudding, unfortunately, having the sensitive pallet that I do, any form of spice burns my mouth really badly, all together now “awwww, poor you”!
After our lunch we split up and Stuart and I went for a wander around St Malo on our own, we went along the walls, which I will now gush about because I absolutely love stone walls, especially when they are warmed by the sun, they feel so smooth and strong, and round the town and watched a man dressed as Aladdin do some interesting tricks with a glass ball and a diablo. I’ll put up some photos soon as it is very difficult to describe just how beautiful St Malo is, the sea is a gorgeous bluey green and the sand on the beaches is a glorious golden colour, just like in the photos you see of celebrity get-aways! More gushing now because I adore looking at water, especially waves, the colours are stunning and it fascinates me the way the water moves and sounds. Sadly we didn’t get to sunbathe on the beach or go in the sea because they don’t allow dogs on the beach 😦 However we did get a huge candy floss on a stick (screw you health and safety!) a crepe and a waffle while we pottered around the beautiful old town. It was a lovely day out and it was really sunny too so I am nicely tanned to return home and make everyone jealous!

St Malo Beach

Us on the walls

On Tuesday I had my haircut by Francine, the local hairdresser, she speaks no English at all, so I tried my best with my limited French to tell her that I wanted the same style and length but a little trim and some weight taking out. Evidently that is not what I said as I came out with a semi-sweeping fringe, and a lot of what can only be described as “zhuzsh”. Having washed it, blow dried it and straightened it myself since it looks a lot better, but it does mean that I have to start growing my layers out again from scratch, bugger! Photos to follow when I get a stable internet connection.

Stuart and I went bowling on Tuesday with Bill, my step-dad, and the Tuesday club, a group of English people in the area they are in in France who meet up one Tuesday a month to chat and things. It was the first time I’ve been bowling in ages and my wrist is pretty painful now and I did terribly! I used to be good at bowling, I swear, but you would not have believed it! Despite my terrible performance we had a good night 🙂

In other news, we are flying home tomorrow 😀 I can’t wait, I’m so excited to be back in England where we can shop 24/7 and have stable internet and social interaction! Being in France has made me think twice about us moving out of the UK, I very much value my practicalities like being able to nip out to the supermarket and have them sell everything I need in one place (in season or not!), public transport, proper internet and not having to drives miles to see another person. Ah Blighty, how I have missed you!


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Well yesterday at 9am we (my mother, the guinea pigs and I) left our lovely little house in the UK and headed off to France. The trip down to Portsmouth was fabulous, no traffic jams or anything. On the ferry we went to see “Xmen Origins: Wolverine” which was pretty good, more of a boy film than the rest of the Xmen films. Ferry went very quickly too and soon we arrived in Caen. Me arriving in Portsmouth

Off we went after customs examined us and checked the Guinea Pigs weren’t secretly stashed with drugs or something! To our surprise there was actually roadworks in France! :O I have never seen them before but they were very organised and running smoothly: French Roadworks

We finally arrived home at about 11:40 and unpacked the car, settled the girls in and had a cuppa. Sadly, in my state of tiredness I managed to put salt in my tea instead of sugar, that was an experience! I would not recommend it to anyone else though, it has even given me an ulscer! However after a good(ish) nights sleep I feel much more refreshed and ready to enjoy my holidays. Sadly I forgot to bring a big teddy and a pillow is just not the same 😦 I’m such a kid!

Anyway, today I have been relaxing. I have unpacked all mine and Stuart’s stuff into drawers and onto hangers so He can settle straight in when he arrives on Friday. I can’t wait to see Him! Hopefully we will be having a barbeque but the weather says thunderstorms at the moment. I don’t care though because at t

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I’m warning you now this is going to be a long post!

Firstly, my 2 step sisters and their families have been here for a week. For the first couple of days we were out and about with them which was good because I’ve been stuck for the past 3 weeks with nothing to do but twitter and sunbathe. It may sound like this is the life, but I tell you it’s not. I can see my waistline expanding and my sanity suffering! Sadly due to there being so many people in the house, 8 to be precise, I was in what is basically the computer room on a useless mattress, I won’t go into it again but see photos from my last post! Basically I have not slept for a week now and am therefore exhausted. Thankfully I am back to a nice, comfy bed again as of last night 😀 Hopefully soon I will be back to my usual self.

Stuart was also here for this weekend which was great 😀 Sadly it went far too quickly and felt like He was only here for one day and not three. On the plus side this next 2 weeks apart are our last due to Italy then I have Him back for August before He disappears to Mexico for a month, then hopefully we will be able to spend more time together again.

I have also come to the conclusion that any more than 2 weeks in France is far too long. There’s only so much peace and quiet, lack of social communication and general basic amenities that one person can stand! I fail to see how they manage to live in the same way that people did hundreds of years ago in the modern age. I cannot understand why people voluntarily live in the middle of nowhere in France. Now I’ve lived in the middle of nowhere in England and that’s not too bad, I’d still rather live in the suburbs, but at least there are people there and the phone always works! Surely the French can find a way to have a working phone and internet connection, even if they can’t figure out that we are no longer in the 1900’s!

Another irritation of mine today is the way older people always tell younger people to travel the world before they settle down. Why? If you want to travel the world, fine, but I don’t! I’ve been to lots of places anyway, why do I need to postpone my actual dreams so that I can do something that I don’t want to just to shut you up? And the worst part of it is the way they tell you that it’s your dream! No it’s not, it’s your dream, if you want to do it, bloody well go but don’t try to ship me off to far flung corners of the globe to white water raft down Niagara falls and trek across the Serengeti when I don’t damn well want to! Traveling is no longer as  difficult as it was when you were a teenager, should I suddenly desire to get a doctor to stab me with needles over and over again just so that I can go and see the pyramids of Egypt then I can grab a flight there and find a hotel, it’s not hard! Also, why are people convinced that having a baby will put your life on hold? With proper organisation you can still travel with a baby/child/teen, so in short, no I will not be traveling before I fulfill my dreams, mainly because traveling is not my dream!

I did have some other things to write about but I feel like I’m going on a bit now anway! So to finish, I have been inspired by Fetish Flame to do a podcast with Stuart. If you haven’t listened to Fetish Flame give it a go, mainly because I’m not going to explain what it talks about on here because it’s a bit naughty 😉 Anyway, I think it would be very interesting to do a podcast in a similar vein but to chat with “vanillas” about the lifestyle and get their take on it. Any thoughts on my random new hobby would be greatly appreciated! Would any of you be interested in it or do you think I should just keep my opinions to myself?!

So, that’s me done for today! Sorry it was so ranty and long!

Update: I realised that it wasn’t really that long so I’m going to go off again! Prepare yourselves!

I had a terrible dream the other night about my wedding. I dreamt that firstly Stuart didn’t wear His suit, He was still smart so it wasn’t a big problem, but odd! The heart breaking part was that at the start of the ceremony over half the congregation left yelling at me how much they hated me 😦 So that was pretty depressing, it has, however, got me thinking about our wedding again. Now pondering some “alternative” ideas that Stuart suggested! I’m such a girl, I really love weddings and all the planning that goes into them and everything!

Another gripe I have at the moment is children’s beauty pageants. There was a story about them on the news last night and it made me so mad. All the mothers who stand there and say that there is nothing wrong with their 8 year olds putting layers and layers of make-up on, skimpy outfits and being judged entirely on their looks, claiming that “it’s good for their confidence.” Rubbish! There is nothing healthy about getting young girls to stand on stage and have people tell them that they’re not pretty/skinny/slutty enough. If anyone so much as suggested that my children entered a pageant I would hit to roof and I know that Stuart would too. Another argument they seem to use to defend their sexualisation of children is that “they like to dress up like princesses.” Now that is true, young girls do like to dress up in their mum’s clothes and make-up and pretend they are a princess, however, they can do that at home without being paraded like dogs. As you can see this is a topic that does really irritate me, mainly because it disgusts me that anyone would want to put their children through that.

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Dirty Weekend

Having dropped Stuart back at the station and knowing He is safely back off to Milan I thought I’d fill you all in on the gory details of our saucy weekend of fun 😉 I’m kidding! I’ll just say that it was very fun and exciting and we did some things that we hadn’t done before but will definitely be doing again! I’ve never had a kinky weekend like that before, it was good!

Anyway, moving swiftly on! The whole family (me, my mum and stepdad) all went to pick Stuart up from the station on Friday. It was fabulous to see Him and He seemed very happy to see me too 😀 We popped into “Super U” on the way home to pick up some bits and pieces to keep Him going over the weekend but when we arrived home we had a relaxing evening watching tele and cuddling which was wonderful because it’s the first chance we’ve had to do that in over 2 months. On Saturday we did some sunbathing and went for a walk along the country lanes round the house and then on Sunday we went for another walk which sadly didn’t go as well as the first one. We ended up fighting our way through a Supernatural style swarm of insects that were attacking. When we finally made our way out of said insects we were both covered with them, so much so that I had to take my top off and empty my bra of tiny, midgy things. Bloody France! Aside from the insects it was a very nice weekend though, we got a lot of quality time together to chat and catch up and just cuddle which I’d been missing very much and now I can’t wait for next weekend!

Stuart sunbathing



Stuart sunbathing

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To France

Yesterday we (my mum, the guinea pigs and I) left my lovely home in the UK for my parent’s home in France. We left at 9am and arrived an hour early at the ferry, thankfully there was no problems on the way which made a nice change from the usual roadworks and throngs of traffic! We saw “Xmen Origins: Wolverine” at the cinema on the ferry, we had the whole cinema to ourselves! The film was good though, not as good as the other Xmen films though, much more of a boy film with all the action sequences and special effects but still pretty good. The ferry went quickly and soon we arrived in Caen to a beautiful sunset (which I will have to upload later as my external hard drive isn’t plugged in at the moment).

Me arriving in Portsmouth

The drive on the other side was fairly boring as it was late when we got off the ferry and we didn’t arrive at the french house til about 11:40 pm. The French actually had roadworks going on :O They are the first I have seen in France but they were still very organised and everything was running smoothly, makes you wonder why it isn’t the same in England! *sigh*

French Roadworks

After unpacking the car and getting the guinea pigs settled we sat down to have a cup of tea and relax, sadly, due to my tiredness from the long days travelling I managed to put salt in my tea 😦 Definitely not to be recommended as an alternative to sugar and it has given me an ulcer! I didn’t sleep as well as I hoped, mainly due to my own stupidity of not bringing a big teddy and a pillow just doesn’t cut it 😦 Hopefully I will sleep better tonight though, if only because I’m so tired!

I am really looking forward to Friday when Stuart is arriving though 😀 hopefully we will be have a barbeque although at the moment the weather is saying there will be thunderstorms. I don’t care though, I just can’t wait to see Him! Am loving being surrounded by dogs again too, hopefully Rupert and Stuart will get on, Stewart loves Him already!

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My Mother arrived yesterday, and this morning I was woken up by Bill phoning to talk to her! Have been tired all day as a result and can’t stop yawning!

We had a nice chat last night together about allsorts! Mother/Daughter bonding 🙂 And then today we went shopping, sadly not for anything exciting just blown vinyl for the ceiling in France and a sink trap :s However we did have a delicious lunch at The Hunter’s Lodge  in Crewe and the waitress was lovely! It’s the second time we’ve been there and the food is so yummy and cheap too! We took Joany P (my mum’s friend) for lunch and had a good catch up which included discussions of red and green bush (the tea) and gimp masks! Very exciting!

Sami and Suey dropped in to see me and my mum respectively, this evening so we had a good chat with them too. Oooh I have been very social today!

ROFL! Just listened to an hours of my mother and boyfriend debating politics and putting the world to rights! Very interesting and am very enlightened on their views now! My mum loves the fire in his belly and is now trying to get him into politics, which I think would be an excellent idea. Stuart, John and I could run the country 😀 Vote for us!

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Stress free day

After a very rough day yesterday feeling very poorly and faint and absolutely exhausted all day I decided to have a stress free day today. So after popping out to sort out prescriptions and shopping and a bit of housework this morning I have pampered myself with a some hair removal cream, a shower, moisturiser, facemask and general relaxation. Feel much better for it, I have to say. My tummy still isn’t right but heh, I figure if I try to bring my stress levels down at least my body has a better chance at kicking it. That’s the theory anyway!

Loving the book that I am reading at the moment, Chelsea Cain, will be reviewing it soon seeing as I’ve almost finished it. I can’t put it down!

So looking forward to seeing Stuart! My mum is arriving on Friday and then Tuesday we’re off to France! The following Friday I get to see my handsome, fabulous, fella for the weekend 😀 I really can’t wait. The end is in sight and soon we will be living happily ever after together forever.

I think that’s pretty much all I have to say! Houseworking tomorrow so the place is ok for my mum!

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