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The internet has just reappeared so here I am! Stuart has gone back to Milan again this afternoon on the TGV 😦 I was very upset to see Him go this time, more so than usual anyway, possibly due to my raging hormones at the moment! We had a lovely weekend again though and it was wonderful to spend some time hugging Him and chatting.

My mum’s friends Bonnie and Brian were also staying with us this weekend, they have been round Europe in their camper van and popped in on us before they went back to the UK. I was looking forward to seeing them again but for some reason this time I couldn’t help but be irritated. I feel like in my old age I am getting very judgmental, especially when it comes to ignorance, mispronunciation, stupidity and excess alcohol. Fortunately Stuart shares the same opinions so we could rant quite happily to each other about how mad it made us!

Sadly after a wild, experimental and very fun Friday and Saturday night, containing some new stuff that we will not be doing again, Mother Nature decided to rain hellfire down on me in the form of hormones and pain leaving me in bed for most of Sunday. Now I’m not normally one to moan about that time of the month but I feel the need to this month because evidently someone upstairs was not happy with my behavior this month! Stuart was kind enough to look after me though 😀

On the way home from dropping Him off at the station I listened to some of my 300 odd podcasts! One specifically called Sex is Fun (download it on itunes!) got me thinking though, the show was about lesbian sex and relationships but it was very interesting. Before listening to it I had never thought about how difficult finding someone to have a relationship with was, I personally have never had a problem, if I’ve been single I have not been looking and I have never gone out looking for a relationship and have gone through life thinking that this is normal, but now I am aware that I have been very lucky. I don’t want to ruin the podcast for you but it really got me thinking and made me realise just how lucky I am to be so happy and in a healthy relationship with the man of my dreams.


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