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Big Brother launch

Well I’m already decided that I’m voting for Sophie Reade but only because I know her, otherwise I would not be watching it again this year. Why must they ruin what used to be such a genuine good show by filling the house with the dregs of society? The get worse and worse each year, maybe one of the tasks should be to convince Jeremy Kyle that they deserve not to be shot!
Sadly I am feeling that each of the people in the Big Brother house this year represents one problem or another in our society and confirms my belief that we need some morals instilled in us again. No one should want to grow up to be a glamour model or the like, nor should they be proud of failing all their GCSE’s (yes this is the person I want to win, but she’s the best of the bunch!).
Now don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with being eccentric and different, it’s what we Brits are good at, but why must people try so hard to be “different” by making fools of themselves? It fascinates me. “Normal” people just aren’t good enough anymore, or that is what the media would have us believe. Traditional values and academic achievement are being frowned upon in favour of talentless idiots who will humiliate themselves in public. One of the many and varied reasons that Stuart and I are planning to leave the country when I finish uni!
Best leave it at that or I will go on all night and no doubt offend most people! Controversial for a second post, eh?!


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