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The Gallery: “Beauty”

When I first read the topic at “Sticky Fingers” blog I immediately began pondering what I could take a photo of, or if I already had a photo that fitted the bill and then it occurred to me: I’m thinking too deeply about this.

Earlier this week, after the snow had melted, on the first real spring day we have had, I went outside to let Henrietta (the Guinea Pig) have a run round and a munch on the new spring grass. While she was entertaining herself I did some gardening, mostly removing dead leaves, etc from everywhere and underneath a huge pile of wet, brown, slimy leaves I found a single snowdrop. I ran inside to grab my phone and snap a photo (having no idea where I had put my camera!) and this is the photo that I have chosen. To me it is truly beautiful, it is not only a photo of a very pretty flower, it is also proof that you can find something stunning under a large amount of rubbish, and that something so fragile can still grow underneath, and eventually poke through the crap.

I think it no doubt spoke to me even more because of the situation I am in at the moment and the things I am going through, it gave me hope that no matter how much junk piles on top of me, or us, we can still come through because what we have is truly beautiful.


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True Beauty

It’s 4 in the morning, a moment ago I was tired and feeling a bit poorly and wishing I could get to sleep, then I opened my curtains to see how light it was and a huge smile spread across my face. That smile was because I opened my curtains to see a truly beautiful sight: dark skies and from them tiny, perfectly formed snowflakes.

Every now and again it hits me just how beautiful nature really is, and this is one of those moments. Everyone else is asleep, I am the only person on this street watching that snow coming down, it is perfect, the ground is white with untouched, fresh snow, the rooves are slowly following suit and it is truly the most beautiful sight. I feel like I should be wrapped in a dressing gown, next to a roaring fire, with a cup of hot cocoa and the man of my dreams holding me! It’s like something straight out of a soppy romance movie!

What is it about snow that’s so breathtakingly beautiful? Why do we think that it’s so romantic? Is it because we see it so rarely (apart from this year, of course!)? Is it because we now associate it with said romantic movies, or maybe because we associate it with Christmas? Whatever it is I don’t think there will ever be a time where I don’t see snow falling and have to pause to take in it’s beauty, but at 4am it’s so much more than beautiful.

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