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Well yesterday at 9am we (my mother, the guinea pigs and I) left our lovely little house in the UK and headed off to France. The trip down to Portsmouth was fabulous, no traffic jams or anything. On the ferry we went to see “Xmen Origins: Wolverine” which was pretty good, more of a boy film than the rest of the Xmen films. Ferry went very quickly too and soon we arrived in Caen. Me arriving in Portsmouth

Off we went after customs examined us and checked the Guinea Pigs weren’t secretly stashed with drugs or something! To our surprise there was actually roadworks in France! :O I have never seen them before but they were very organised and running smoothly: French Roadworks

We finally arrived home at about 11:40 and unpacked the car, settled the girls in and had a cuppa. Sadly, in my state of tiredness I managed to put salt in my tea instead of sugar, that was an experience! I would not recommend it to anyone else though, it has even given me an ulscer! However after a good(ish) nights sleep I feel much more refreshed and ready to enjoy my holidays. Sadly I forgot to bring a big teddy and a pillow is just not the same 😦 I’m such a kid!

Anyway, today I have been relaxing. I have unpacked all mine and Stuart’s stuff into drawers and onto hangers so He can settle straight in when he arrives on Friday. I can’t wait to see Him! Hopefully we will be having a barbeque but the weather says thunderstorms at the moment. I don’t care though because at t


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