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Feminism vs University

I had a shockingly terrible day today 😦 So I’m going to share, because I’m nice like that!

This morning my mother and I were discussing the wedding, this stressed me out loads to start off the day with because she is taking over completely and trying to do everything, and her way. I was having a fabulous time planning the wedding on my own, obviously with help from Stuart, but it was great. I was loving organising everything, making appointments, budgeting (I know, I was enjoying budgeting!) and doing everything else weddingy and planningy. However, now I am stressed to high heaven and ready to either call the whole thing off or just go to a registry office, just the two of us, and get it over with. I just want to marry the man of my dreams, I don’t want some big, flash, fancy wedding, even with unlimited money I would not do much different to how we have it so far. Anyway, Stuart phoned her to tell her to back off, I’m not sure if she will listen, or understand, but we can hope.

After this Jess popped round briefly to pick up my sexy thigh high boots so she can sass up her Rocky Horror Show outfit! Suey came to take my mum out for lunch and I headed off to the train station to get to uni. I waited at the train station for about 20 minutes and the train never came, I wandered home to check if it had been cancelled, nothing online, so I checked the next trains and it got me in late. I phoned my mum to get a lift, no answer, so I had no choice but to get the later train, as a result I was 40 minutes late for my lecture and crying. I sat outside waiting for it to finish and went in to talk to the lecturer. The lecture theatre was full with about 100 people so I was pretty glad that I missed it because there is no way I would have sat in there for an hour. I had a chat to the lecturer who said they didn’t do anything anyway aside from give out, yet more, information that is available online. So home I came feeling like shit, holding back tears and beating myself up for being such a failure (for going to uni, not for being late).

Now I shall explain why. I am the anti-feminist. I would give back the vote tomorrow, I don’t think women should be allowed into Uni, I don’t think they should have high powered jobs and I don’t think that they should have more rights than a man. In my opinion women should be at home, cooking, cleaning and raising the children, there is nothing that could ever compare to that, why would you want to be a “career woman”? I think a woman’s job should be marrying well and making that marriage work, there is nothing wrong with having a man look after you financially if you look after him emotionally, men and women are good at different things for a reason. As such, going to Uni makes me feel like utter shit. I am so out of place, I am not a perfectly preened 20 something who’s out for a career and to make her millions, I’m a dowdy 40 something (mentally!) housewife and mother who’s stressed about making sure her toddler gets his shots and her husband gets his tea on time, and do you know what, I’m proud of that. It’s taken me 10 years to be proud of that and happy with myself and to believe that what I want is ok even if society says it’s not, and I am not prepared to let Uni take that away from me. And when I walk round uni I feel like I am betraying myself and my values and destroying my future. What man would want a woman with a degree and a high powered career? I sure as hell wouldn’t.

Please keep the offensive posts to a minimum folks – I am expecting some!

Anyway, the rest of the evening was good, my fabulous friends Bob and Emma came round for dinner and we played some wii and chatted. Good times. Cheered me up no end.


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I am going to be hated by some people for this post, and you know what? I don’t care! Having read Liz Jones’ highly offensive and down right disgusting article about stay at home wives/mums and people with kids in general I feel perfectly within my rights to express my opinions, so if you don’t like it, stick you! See how polite I am Ms Jones, that’s because I’m a lady!

Do you know what, what makes me happy in life is making other people happy, specifically the Man that I choose to spend my life with and I have the right to not be judged for that. Just because I like to make Him happy, do things for Him and treat Him like a king does not make me weak, dependent or stupid. In fact it makes me a strong, independent, well educated woman who makes selfless choices to make others happy. I actually enjoy cooking, and cleaning, and homemaking, it makes me feel good, I do not do it because society tells me that I should or because I’m lazy and don’t want to work, shocking though it may seem Ms Jones, people actually have different interests, as an “intelligent” woman surely you would understand that?

It is women like Ms Jones who are the reason that I would be quite happy to give up the vote for so that they could be put back in their damned places and realise that being a lonely, self absorbed, arrogant, (word to be added here) wannabe man does not make you better than the rest of us. I wish we could just travel back to the 50’s when women were women and men were men. Women were not judged for homemaking and looking after their men and raising their children, in fact they were praised for it and, surprise surprise, there were no children loitering on street corners, drinking until silly o’clock in the morning, unable to read and with no one caring where they are. If women stayed at home and were women the next generation would be emotionally stable, loved and literate, as it is what with women being accused of being “lazy” for choosing to stay at home with their kids, said children are being raised by the TV and going to school unable to talk, read or write at all. Before you start slandering women who want to nurture, take a good look at what those women provide society with and the look at what you provide society with. It is no wonder society is in an unstoppable downturnat the moment thanks to the lack of anyone having set roles anymore, gender or otherwise.

Anyway, recently I have been sunbathing, please note children: always be safe in the sun, or else:


Basically I have nothing to blog about this week and I was going to leave it, but then I became irritated! So I’ll leave it there.

But finally, I can’t wait to have Stuart back on Thursday 🙂 I will be having a shower, shave, painting my nails and generally beautifying myself before I see Him and it’s just tough if you don’t like that Ms Jones because while I can looks beautiful, you will always be ugly, twisted and alone.

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