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This week’s Gallery prompt from Tara at Sticky Fingers was “outside my front door” so without further ado, welcome to Heaven’s Waiting Room:

It took me a grand total of 40 mintues to walk into, around the whole town, and back home again! That gives you an idea on size!

In the 16th century there was a Great Fire in my town which almost totally destroyed it. However Queen Elizabeth I donated £2000 and organised a countrywide appeal which raised £30,000 to rebuild.

We host an international cheese show, Folk festival, Food festival and Jazz and Blues festival every year, all of which draw a fair few tourists.

There is a rumour about our town having the most pubs per square mile, however it appears to be just a rumour, but when many of the alley ways are cobbled it’s a pain rumour or not!

Our local church has an octagonal tower.

We only have one night club, most locals claim to hate it, I love it and I’m not ashamed!

Last year (2009) the winner of Big Brother came from our fair town!


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My post for Tara’s Gallery from Sticky Fingers!

I thought long and hard about this week’s post and what I wanted to do fell though! So here is my back up plan, I give you…Me!

I am the places I have been, both physical and metaphorical, and the people I have been there with

I am the things I have done; the good, the bad and the ugly.

I am the mistakes I have made, and the successes I’ve had.

I am the people who I have loved and lost along the way

I am all my family and friends, those still in my life and those who have left it.

I am all the things I have been through, and all that is yet to come.

I am the person walking along side me and the future we will share.

But most importantly I am, and always will be, someone’s little miracle

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The Gallery: Colours

I’m cheating a little this week (mainly because the weekend seems to have shot by and I didn’t realise it was Tuesday) and using a photo my step-dad took (he’s where I get my obsessive photo taking from!) however, I have edited it in Picasa myself, and I have also walked past that house many times when I’ve been in France!

Ok, enough with the excuses! I promise to get my ass into gear for next week! But back to the photo; I adore the rainbow in the background and love autumny colours, they’re so warm and yummy.

This was a post for The Gallery by Tara at Sticky Fingers, this weeks theme was colour.

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The Gallery: 70,000,000

I know, I picked a huge number, but I was totally stumped this week so decided to browse my photos for something that struck me, and here it is:

I took this at St James’ cemetery in France. It is a cemetery for American soldiers and is kept beautifully by the American Battle Monuments Commision. In browsing my photos looking for inspiration I came across it and realised that I couldn’t recall just how many people died in World War II so I asked my good friend google and he informed me that it was 70 million.

Seventy Million. Such a huge number of lives lost, British, American, French, German and all those other nationalities who lost lives. Every single one of those 70 million was someone’s child, some brothers or sisters, some parents. All left family and friends behind in the fight for freedom. The sheer scale of the cemetery astounded me when I visited and that is just some of the American deaths, but to imagine 70,000,000 graves  is heartbreaking.

This photo is all the more important to me given that we still have soldiers in Afghanistan and whether we believe that that war is right or not, they are giving their lives for us and deserve our support.

It’s not a special day today, not Remembrance Sunday, but it doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t remember them.

This post is for Tara at Sticky Fingers Gallery It’s great fun, so hop over there and see the rest of the people taking part

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The Gallery: “Beauty”

When I first read the topic at “Sticky Fingers” blog I immediately began pondering what I could take a photo of, or if I already had a photo that fitted the bill and then it occurred to me: I’m thinking too deeply about this.

Earlier this week, after the snow had melted, on the first real spring day we have had, I went outside to let Henrietta (the Guinea Pig) have a run round and a munch on the new spring grass. While she was entertaining herself I did some gardening, mostly removing dead leaves, etc from everywhere and underneath a huge pile of wet, brown, slimy leaves I found a single snowdrop. I ran inside to grab my phone and snap a photo (having no idea where I had put my camera!) and this is the photo that I have chosen. To me it is truly beautiful, it is not only a photo of a very pretty flower, it is also proof that you can find something stunning under a large amount of rubbish, and that something so fragile can still grow underneath, and eventually poke through the crap.

I think it no doubt spoke to me even more because of the situation I am in at the moment and the things I am going through, it gave me hope that no matter how much junk piles on top of me, or us, we can still come through because what we have is truly beautiful.

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