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70 year old mothers

Having watched channel 4’s programme on older mothers I am offended, disgusted and irate. These women insist that they are not selfish and are healthy and responsible but I completely disagree. They are selfish because they have ignored nature to have a career and a “life” and then when they are “ready” they suddenly want to have a baby, well tough, you have had 40 years to have  baby naturally or by IVF and you chose to put your career first, deal with it. On the health front, they may well be healthy at the time of giving birth but the fact remains no matter how long they actually live they will not be able bodied for all that time, resulting in teenagers having to care for their elderly mother, that is just not fair. No teenager should have to care for their parents, least of all because said parent was irresponsible and selfish. Of course should they die before the children are even teenagers then either the children end up being looked after by another family member who did not ask for that responsibility, or they go into care. Are there not enough children in care already? There is no doubt that these women are irresponsible, no women who thinks that having a child or being pregnant is worth the risk to both her own health and the baby’s should not be allowed IVF of any sort, it is naive and stupid and proves that they are not mature enough, no matter how old, to take care of a child.

These women claim that they have waited their whole lives to have a child, well that’s your choice. If you want a child so badly and have done your whole life then why did you not have one earlier? So either you are lying or your career is just far more important, in which case, in my personal opinion, you don’t deserve a child.

Sorry for the rant, I needed to get it out!


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