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Plastic Joy Awards

The hilarious Tattoed Mummy took it upon herself to create a new award, the Plastic Joy Award and it has been awarded to me by Emma at Me, the Man and the Baby. Thank you to both of them because I have been so looking forward to doing this, mainly because now I have an excuse to google gorgeous men!

So here are the 5 fictional characters that I would like to spend some nakey time with!

1)  Captain Jack Sparrow – yes, I ADORE Johnny Depp, but Jack is just fabulous! He’s dark yet funny, gorgeously handosme, rugged and fantastic!

2) Leroy Jethro Gibbs – I may have a thing for older men too. Plus he’s…well, he’s Gibbs! Watch NCIS and you will understand!

3) E Edward Grey – Of “Secretary” fame. It may well be my favourite film ever. I love that he’s so quirky, I love that he’s kinky and I love that he’s perfect! Please watch the film, it’s fantastic, I’m posting a spoiler photo at the very bottom of the post so if you’re going to watch it, don’t scroll all the way down!

4) Edward Lewis – oh yes ladies, it’s Richard Geere! This film is “our” film (as in the film my OH and I relate to), he’s Edward, I’m Vivienne (make of that what you will!), he even signed a card Edward on our first proper Christmas together! And come on, it’s Pretty Woman, he’s the perfect man!

5) – Dean Winchester! I don’t think this one needs any explaining, does it ladies!

Now I am tagging some lovely ladies who I’m sure will enjoy ‘researching’ gorgeous men!

Louise at Wee Wifie’s World

Samm at No One Else

Debs at Dopey Dee’s Blog

Jo Bart

Bubble Boo

This is my favourite part of Secretary, it’s from the very end but it makes me well up. To me it symbolises true love.


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Raindrops on Roses

The wonderful Josie over at Sleep is for the Weak has tagged me in the Happiness Meme that is doing the rounds at the moment, as did Hayley at Single Motherhood Challenges, and boy did it come at a good time! I definitely need to start focusing on the good stuff, so thank you both of you and I hope you enjoy my cheery post! 🙂

1) Cups of tea

I’m not kidding. A cup of tea works wonders, guaranteed to fix all manner of woes and cheer me up! Though I shamefully gave up the tea pot in favour of a quick cuppa in the mug, mainly due to laziness time constraints and the amount of tea I drink, I still very much enjoy my cups of tea. I also gave up caffeine which meant having to quit Yorkshire Tea and Twinings Breakfast Tea, my favourites, in favour of Red Bush, but hey, my body is a temple and all that!

2) My friends

Yea, so I’m generic, what of it?! But it’s true, my friends do make me happy. I love that each of them is fantastic for totally different reasons; some make me laugh, some are a shoulder to cry on, some tell me to put my big girl pants on and get a grip! They are all truly fantastic, both real life friends and those on twitter, and you always make me smile. Thank you.

3) Kids

There is something about children that brings a huge smile to my face. When I see them in their buggies in the street, or charging around a shop or spend time with young relatives I can’t help but feel happy and fulfilled. It’s like chicken soup for the soul!

4) Shoes

oooooooooooh yea! Shoes are gooooood! I am a shoe person, always have been and even though I am developing an appreciation for handbags they will never replace shoes! I adore them, specifically ones with sky scraper heels and platforms (stripper shoes), but I also like ballet pumps and sandals and boots, you get the idea! I love to look at them, and touch them and wear them, they’re so beautiful, they’re all like little works of art. These are my two favourite pairs!

5) My baby girl

This would be my Guinea Pig, Henrietta. As you may know, we lost Heidi at the start of February so we’ve been having lots of cuddles and kisses and I’m still hoping to get her a friend to give her someone to talk to. She’s my little baby and I  spoil her rotten, but she deserves it because, even though she eats me out of house and home, she makes me smile with all her little quirks!

6) My Blog

Yep, generic and selfish all in one post! My blog does make me happy though; it gives me somewhere to vent, and somewhere to share my good news and has opened up a whole world of fun and expression. I’m loving taking part in Josie’s Writing Workshop and reading everyone else’s incredible posts, even though they put me to shame, and Tara’s Gallery which is allowing me to explore my photo obsession, and is going to result in me having to buy a very expensive camera! I’m thinking of hosting my own blog or something so that I can edit it a bit more and make it more personal but I’m not sure if I’ve got the techy know-how to do it, especially after Chrissie at Mediocre Mum’s experience! Any advice would be greatly appreciated *awaits helpful comments from fellow geeks*. And while I’m asking for advice: How on earth do I put things on the side of my blog (i.e. Writing Workshop/Gallery/Secret Post Club badges)? Can I do it with just a basic wordpress blog? :s

7) Planning/Organising

I love it. I get great pleasure out of knowing what I’m doing every day for the next 3 years! I’m a bit of a control freak and I freak out if plans get changed, or something is sprung upon me but when everything goes to my super organised plan, I am the happiest little bunny ever! I have my entire wedding planned and it’s not until 2012, in fact I had it all planned last year! I love folders and files, post its, in fact I love…

8 ) Stationary

Oh yes, stationary is fabulous! I wander into Smith’s and am immediately drawn to the pretty pens, shiny note books, beautiful papers and the cute little rubbers. And then…last year, two of my friends introduced me to the heaven that is…PAPERCHASE! Where have I been all these years? Such a perfect store full of all my favourite things, it was love at first sight!

9) My Kink

Some people get all smiley after “being naughty”, I get all smiley after a good power exchange! I wont go into details so no need to avert your eyes!

10) My Religion

Does that make me sound like a religious nut?! Ah well, it’s true. I find great peace and happiness with a pentacle around my neck or meditating in front of my alter. Just wandering around my garden too, looking at how beautiful everything is. There is something comforting about being surrounded by nature and knowing that you are part of it.

And I am going to tag

Louise at Wee Wifie’s World who is developing a love for all things bloggy in her 3 week holiday

Samm at No One Else mainly to give her something to blog about 😛

Debs at Dopey Dee’s Blog because I know what irritates her from all her fab rants, so now I want to know what makes her smile

My OH at Herr Flik’s Webway because, even though he doesn’t blog, I think making a list of 10 things that make him happy will cheer him up!

Sami at Wishes, Fishes and all that’s inbetween (and here too when the other one is broken!) because she’s trying to start blogging and smiles at EVERYTHING so this should be easy for her!

Tell me what makes you happy folks!

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