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A fantastic and gripping book that follows a sarcastic and dry police officer as he investigates a series of horrific murders.

Initially I thought I was hooked because of the plot, which is incredible, and not the characters, which are what usually draw me into a book. However, halfway through I realised that, without even realising it, I was fully engaging with the characters and had become very attached to them. They are very well written and we learn a lot about each of them but through their interactions with others rather than because of a lot of wordy descriptions.

The plot gripped me immediately, there is no build up in this book, it begins in the action and the story flows unstoppably from then on. There are plenty of expertly places twists and turns that you can’t see coming and some are very shocking, well they shocked me!

If you’re not a fan of gore it’s not an excuse not to read this book! Despite the killer using instruments of torture from the medieval period there are no graphic descriptions of the damage done. In fact she manages to get across the horrific nature of the wounds without any need for¬†imagery¬†that would leave you scarred for life!

Overall this is a 5 star book. The writing is flawless, the character’s come to life beautifully and the plot is fantastic. As soon as I finished it I wanted to start it again.


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Emancipation Proclamation

I was recently recommended a story by a good friend, it’s fan fiction which obviously made me a little wary! Not only that, it’s Twilight fan fiction (I hate twilight) so I was even more wary! However I put my feelings on these things to one side and gave it a shot, and my god it is fantastic! It’s so well written and the story is incredible!
The story is set in the modern day and it is the story of a girl, Isabella, in America who is born into slavery and lives the first 16 years of her life in terrible conditions in the Swan household. However on her 16th birthday Carlisle Cullen arrives at the Swan household and buys her. The story follows her as she learns to live a different kind of life, and she falls in love with Edward, Carlisle’s son, a ruggedly handsome and totally gorgeous teenage boy! Again, I’m not a fan of the love story to be honest, I hate how it’s all so predictable, but due to the situation and the perfectly written characters it is a totally believable romance. The book will have you laughing and crying and feeling the character’s emotions.
I swear, I cannot rave about this story enough, it should be published because wow! I am really picky with books and this has just blown me away.
Get reading folks! You wont regret it!


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Firstly, you do have to have read “Heartsick” by Chelsea Cain first otherwise most of the book will make very little sense to you and you will not follow the relationships or the story properly.

Her writing is much improved since the first book, which was also good, but I did not want to put this one down. It was fabulous all the way through and the twists came when I least expected them. Chelsea Cain is fabulous at writing people, she gives them such depth and humanity that each of her characters is a pleasure to read. They are all complete with human flaws and problems and totally believable. The plot itself was totally unexpected and completely fabulous and I will definitely be buying her next book and will be recommending her books to anyone who will listen! She has taken the crown from Mr Koontz as my favorite author. Unfortunately I cant really say anything about the plot because it will ruin the whole book! But it doesn’t end how you think, and how you think it will end constantly changes!

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Firstly I would like to make it clear that I love Dean Koontz and have read several of his books and as such am probably slightly biased! However, I thought this book was fabulous, definitely one of his best.

While we are kept guessing for the entire book as to what is going on it is never irritating or boring as there is always another question that arises or another twist. I was on the edge of my seat for most of the book and as I got to the end my heart was pounding with fear and I could not put it down. It is another of Koontz’s intellectual books which requires a lot of thinking to enjoy fully. You cannot experience it fully without reading it deeply, it is not a quick, easy read for anyone who wants a generically scary book. The fear created in the book lasts long after you have put it down due to the questions that arise from it and the possibility of it becoming a real scenario.

All in all it was a fantastic read and made me question aspects of humanity and try to change some of my thinking.

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