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Firstly a little TV update. I am loving X factor this year, especially Jedward who were absolutely fantastic tonight singing Queen’s “We will rock you,” which I will hopefully post a link to when it’s up on youtube! I know they can’t sing, or dance but they are hilarious every week and you can’t deny that they are entertaining. I’m not voting Jedward to win though, my money is on Lucie or Jamie Afro, love them both to pieces, Danyl however is just not as good as everyone seems to think! The man can’t do anything but yell, that’s not what I want to hear, if that’s what I wanted to listen to I would buy some cats, put them in a bag and swing them against a wall, but I’m not that mean! He proved tonight that he can’t sing a melody or in tune and I hope he goes this week. Hate me all you like folks, it’s true!

Right, now to reality! It’s looking more and more likely each day that next year we will be moving to Mexico. We have found out today that we can get a bank account out there with no problems, so now we’re looking for a house to rent and trying to find out if we can take our babies (the guinea pigs) out there, and if we can, how?! I’m not 100% sure how I’m feeling about the move yet but I miss Stuart so much. Having heard so many awful stories about certain parts of Mexico it does kind of taint your view! I’m sure it’s not all violent and third world… Anyway, we shall see, it’s a Rupert Bear Adventure as my Mother says!

Speaking of my Mother, Happy Birthday! She was born on Halloween!

On a Halloweeny note: Happy Samhain to everyone (or at least everyone who celebrates!)
I don’t need to tell those of you who know me that this year has been pretty rough for us and for our friends and family. Despite us getting engaged, which was the best news ever(!), Stuart has been away for most of this year which has been really hard on both of us because we both put such value in family life and being at home, Stuart has started His new job which has been a big challenge for Him but He is rising to it every day and I am so proud! Of course I attempted Uni this year as well, sadly it didn’t go as well as I’d hoped but I’m not especially bothered, I have the rest of my life to get a degree. My step-dad has had some heart trouble again which is still causing some worry so I’m sending all my love to him and hoping he goes to get his test results soon.
2009 all round seems to have been a pretty rubbish year for everyone I know; a lot of people have been lost and a lot of bad stuff has happened, anyway hopefully next year will be much better. And on that note:

Thank the Goddess for bringing it round,
Let us leave behind the pain this year has found
And find happiness in this new year
Let’s pray for no suffering and for no fear.

Blessed Be


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My Mother arrived yesterday, and this morning I was woken up by Bill phoning to talk to her! Have been tired all day as a result and can’t stop yawning!

We had a nice chat last night together about allsorts! Mother/Daughter bonding 🙂 And then today we went shopping, sadly not for anything exciting just blown vinyl for the ceiling in France and a sink trap :s However we did have a delicious lunch at The Hunter’s Lodge  in Crewe and the waitress was lovely! It’s the second time we’ve been there and the food is so yummy and cheap too! We took Joany P (my mum’s friend) for lunch and had a good catch up which included discussions of red and green bush (the tea) and gimp masks! Very exciting!

Sami and Suey dropped in to see me and my mum respectively, this evening so we had a good chat with them too. Oooh I have been very social today!

ROFL! Just listened to an hours of my mother and boyfriend debating politics and putting the world to rights! Very interesting and am very enlightened on their views now! My mum loves the fire in his belly and is now trying to get him into politics, which I think would be an excellent idea. Stuart, John and I could run the country 😀 Vote for us!

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