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Wow do I feel vanilla!

Well today we went to the Birmingham Bizarre Bazaar and it was incredible! We met up with 2 people from our google group who were lovely and we got to wander round the Bazaar and do some kinky shopping!

Coming from a fairly “normal” friendship group, in the sense that we like fashion and colour, etc I was pretty taken aback and over whelmed by all the black, pvc, chains, etc but it was lovely to see everyone being able to be themselves and not be judged aside from “wow thats a really hot dress/outfit/cane/etc”. It was a wonderful experience and everyone looked stunning and so content 🙂 It was definitely an eye opening experience for little me, even though Stuart just felt like He had returned to the Mother-ship!

The stalls were about 90% top quality stuff and at very good prices, my favourite stall this time was “Adixxtion” that sold handmade Victorian style clothing that was sooooo beautiful I can’t even describe. They also do wedding outfits with corsets and bussels and all sorts of gorgeousness, all fitted specifically for you and made to your specifications. It is impossible to describe just how divine the clothing they do is, check out the website.
One of the highlights of my day was being strapped to a spanking bench in the middle of the bazaar and having Stuart use a borstal strap on me, that was HOT! Life is so not dull when you’re kinky!

We did some shopping too 🙂 So now we have some fun things to play with and something extra special too which I will blog about when the time comes!

After the bazaar we (Stuart, Aimee and I) went for a chinese buffet and had a lovely chat about all things from relationships, to kink, to paleolithic diets, oooh my first munch! 🙂 It was very nice to be able to chat about whatever we wanted and not be judged at all. We will definitely have to organise a proper munch soon.

Just thought I would fill you in on my day of trangendered, gimp masked, kinky shopping 🙂

P.S. My feet are murder after walking round in really sexy heels all day!


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