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New shower

Not a lot been going on recently, hence lack of blogging. I have been ill though and am still not better, debating whether to go to the doctors because at the moment I think there is a high chance of the problem being caused by stress.

I need to briefly air my opinion the telly but I promise I will keep it brief: Sir Alan hired the wrong one, as usual. Kate was a far better candidate, organised, responsible, prepared, imaginative. She did a fabulous advert and chocolates and was consistently fabulous through the whole show. Yasmina, however, didn’t even know about her own business, she lied about her success, she didn’t even know the difference between gross and net profit. What is he playing at? Good luck to Kate though for future success. On the Big Brother front, all pretty quiet really. Sophie’s doing well though, very proud that she hasn’t embarrassed herself and is actually coming across very well and quite smart!

Right, back to real life! The plumber came and fitted my new shower tonight, it works, which is fabulous! Will be testing it tomorrow I think. The height will be better for Stuart but I’m not sure if it will be too high for me but we shall see. I have heard from Uni too, they know that I will be joining them on September 21st. It’s all starting to feel very real and I’m getting very nervous. I’m still not sure I should be going at all because I know it’s for all the wrong reasons but if I don’t bite the bullet and go now then I will never do it and I don’t want to regret it. I have no idea what to expect, or if I’ll be any good at it or if I’ll fit in and I don’t know if I want to spend anymore time trying to find somewhere to fit in. I’m think I’m partly worried that I’ll feel a need to change who I am again and at the moment I’m happy with who I am and what I want out of life, more so than I ever have been. Trying not to think about it though or I know I’ll just jack it in again. Other problems in life but if I rant about those I’ll get all worked up again and it’s not worth it. Once Stuart is out of Italy all will be well 😀


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Well yesterday I managed to mow the lawn, which is good because it’s raining today! Aside from that, nothing interesting!
BB update: not a lot going on, aside from Sophie changing her name, legally, to Dogface. Evidently people really will do anything to be on TV, I despair. No self respecting person should change their name to Dogface(or Halfwit as one of the others is now known) but apparently no body respects themselves anymore because that’s just not “cool”.
Anyway, my main news is that last night I went to bed with a book, notably “The Taking” by Dean Koontz, and was reading when I heard noises like footsteps and general creaking like someone was in the house. I got up to investigate, already very nervous due to the terrifying nature of the book, and found nothing, so back to bed I went. I carried on reading, still hearing noises, then the guinea pigs started squeaking, so I’m thinking “oh dear god, there is definitely something or someone in the house,” so downstairs I go again to comfort them and check again, still I see nothing. I shut the kitchen window just in case and return to bed, still noises, eventually they stop and no big scary man tried to abduct me or anything but still a very scary night. Still not sure if it was the scary book playing with my mind or something was going on.
Have woken this morning to a poorly tummy, yet again. This really sucks.

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Big Brother launch

Well I’m already decided that I’m voting for Sophie Reade but only because I know her, otherwise I would not be watching it again this year. Why must they ruin what used to be such a genuine good show by filling the house with the dregs of society? The get worse and worse each year, maybe one of the tasks should be to convince Jeremy Kyle that they deserve not to be shot!
Sadly I am feeling that each of the people in the Big Brother house this year represents one problem or another in our society and confirms my belief that we need some morals instilled in us again. No one should want to grow up to be a glamour model or the like, nor should they be proud of failing all their GCSE’s (yes this is the person I want to win, but she’s the best of the bunch!).
Now don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with being eccentric and different, it’s what we Brits are good at, but why must people try so hard to be “different” by making fools of themselves? It fascinates me. “Normal” people just aren’t good enough anymore, or that is what the media would have us believe. Traditional values and academic achievement are being frowned upon in favour of talentless idiots who will humiliate themselves in public. One of the many and varied reasons that Stuart and I are planning to leave the country when I finish uni!
Best leave it at that or I will go on all night and no doubt offend most people! Controversial for a second post, eh?!

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Well I have been and cast my vote in the European election, how exciting! Saw next door neighbor there casting his vote too! I really do hope people actually turn out to vote and don’t just not bother. We really need a change of government and to let the politicians know that we will not stand for their lies and letting society crumble. We need a return to family values.
Currently eating strawberries which are delicious after returning from shopping and distracting the staff! Had a chat with Tom, who is very selfish and won’t let me borrow Serenity 😦 I intend to keep pestering! These strawberries really are delicious! mmmmmm.
Big brother launch night tonight I think, is it sad that I’m quite excited. I’m glad it’s the last season though, they are ruining it more and more as each year progresses. It was interesting to watch strangers interact when they were left to their own devices but now the pick the wildest, wackiest characters and try to cause arguments and problems. It’s a shame that programmes seem to go downhill so fast nowadays.
I am still very ranty about the excellence of Firefly and how much of a shock, disappointment and mistake it was that it was not continued. Probably shouldn’t get started on that right now! Maybe another time, but I definitely recommend it to everyone.
Maybe I should mow the lawn…

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