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You are my sunshine

The fabulous Eoforhild over at Planted in the Earth, Reaching for the Moon has very kindly nominated me for these awards in her Pretty Awards post. Firstly, I have to say I adore the name of her blog! I have only recently discovered it but I already love it, her photos are beautiful, her writing is fantastic and her topics are interesting.
She describes herself as a “Tattooed, Combat-boot-wearing, disney loving, cloth nappy using, baby wearing Mama, who likes to bake, take photographs, read children’s books and hug trees.” So if any of that takes your fancy go read her blog!

The rules of these awards are as follows: write a lucky fact about yourself, 3 things that brighten up your day, and then pass it on to your lucky number of people.

Lucky Fact: I always seem to come out fighting

Things that brighten up my day: Music (especially 80s rock and 90s cheese!), photos (taking them and looking at them) and beautiful things (from flowers and trees, to beautiful people).

I don’t really have a “lucky” number, but I do have a thing for all even numbers and the number 5. So I’m just going to award this to people who make me feel lucky to know them and if you’ve already been nominated then…lucky you!:

1) Louise who never fails to make me smile with her clumsiness, random tweets and general sweetness.

2) Debs who’s vibrant opinions get me all riled up and ready for a good debate!

3) Marianne who’s blog posts have had me rolling on the floor recently from her beautiful self portrait to her naughty sexcapades (don’t worry folks, nothing x-rated in them!)

4) Dara who provides an honest, funny, no nonsense insight into parenthood and who went from a heart breaking post to an utterly hillarious one with no problem!

5) Josie who I adore and admire for so many reasons I would be here all night if I wrote them all. She started the Writing Workshop, she’s so strong and funny, she is an incredible mum and still remains totally in the dark about how incredible she is. She is also the main reason I got into blogging properly.

6) Heather who posts about sex toys in supermarkets, nudity at Christmas and other naked events and all from her new home in Finland!

7) Diary of a Frugal Family for making me laugh so hard after a really bad night by posting the best restaurant name ever

hmm, well 7’s supposed to be a lucky number!


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Thank you so much to NikkiH at Clinically Fed Up for giving me this award for this photo, which I also love, thank you! Having not been blogging properly for long I am very proud, but ashamed to say I have only just discovered her blog, which is fantastic, which I will now be reading every time it is updated! Thank you google reader! The down side of this is that it would appear there are rules, and they are as follows:

  1. Copy the award to my blog
  2. Insert a link to the person who nominated me
  3. Tell you seven things about myself that I haven’t told you before
  4. Nominate seven other bloggers for the award
  5. Link to their blogs
  6. Tell the nominees about their award

Ok, so number one: check. Number two: check. Number three…oh dear!

1) When I was younger I wanted to be entirely superficial and shallow when I grew up. I’m not kidding, I would have given anything to live in a world where I was judged entirely on my looks, my biggest decision was whether to wear this shade of eye shadow or that and my idea of an intelligent discussion was opinions on the latest fashion. Fortunately that was never meant to be!

2) I want a big family, and by big I mean huge! I always tell people I want four kids; two boys and two girls. I know, I’m generic! However, this is an ever growing number, at the moment it has reached six; two boys and two girls all of similar age, one younger girl and one adopted child (from the UK, I am not Ange!). Basically I want as many kids as we can financially support, hundreds maybe! Lottery win, anyone?!

3) I am too empathic to be fun. Honestly, I watch films, ones that are supposed to be funny, where people are getting killed by sunbeds (yea I like Final Destination films) and I am horrified by it. I can’t help but think how terrified they must be and how heartbroken their families will be and generally how awful it is.

4) I cry at everything. Now this never used to be true, I used to be hardcore, then I fell in love. Big mistake folks! Now I bawl like a baby at the most pathetic things!

5) I have always had pets. Ever since I was born there have always been pets in the house, we had Callie, an Irish Wolfhound, who looked after me from when I was born. Followed by a little Bischon Frise called Rosie, then a Tortoiseshell Tabby cat called Kitty, original naming courtesy of me! After that there was another Irish Wolfhound called Arabella, a hamster called Jesus (pronounced Hey-soos, also the name of a waiter I fancied in Lanzarote!), a horse called Genesis, another Bischon Frise called Stewart who was a rescue dog, two guinea pigs; Heidi and Henrietta and finally yet another Bischon Frise called Rupert. Phew! I think that’s all of them, although in a very mixed up order I think!

6) I am a published poet! I kid you not! I was very young (I want to say 9) and was in hospital with stomach problems, I’d been there a week so was attending the school type thing they have and I wrote a poem with a friend and it was published! I believe the book was called “Over the Moon” and I do have a copy somewhere! 😛

7) I have 2 half sisters, 2 step sisters and 1 adopted brother, none of whom I have ever lived with, all of whom are old enough to be my parents!

And I nominate:

Tara at Sticky Fingers for starting The Gallery

Mari’s World for her fantastic guide to accessorising

Chrissie, aka Mediocre Mum for her hilarious Friday Fun posts!

Josie at Sleep is for the Weak for the Writing Workshop

Suey at The Making Room who makes the most beautiful cards

Heather at Notes from Lapland for pretty much everything she does! Especially her Just Vlog It challenge.

Kelly at A Place of my Own for the beautiful photos she took on her walk

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