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Firstly a brief catch up on what’s been going on since my last post: Stuart and I spent a lovely day with one of His best friends last weekend, we went up to Stoke and did some shopping and had a very interesting discussion over a very delicious pizza hut! Sadly she lives in Wales so we don’t get to see her often, but it’s fabulous when we do 😀
We also popped up to Ellesmere Port to see His cousins and Nan, it was great to see the kids as it’s been about 6 months since we last saw them and they’re such fantastic kids. We took the eldest shopping and got something to eat and had a good chat with her about all things teenage! She was thrilled when I asked her to be a bridesmaid and is so excited that we’re going to be related! 😀 Stuart is in her bad books at the moment for not telling her that we were engaged! lol! We also spent an hour or so with the two younger kids playing the lesser known version of rock, paper, scissors: snot, tissue, sandwiches! We also learnt that you can moore a boat with a bull’s penis stuffed with brain – don’t knock what an 8 year old can teach you!
We intended to see Stuart’s Grandma as well but He’s still ill so we thought we’d best not pop in in case she catches it. Hopefully we will be seeing her on Christmas day though.

This week I had my hair cut for the first time in 4 months, I was thrilled, my head is now so much lighter it’s fantastic! We also finally managed to find a dress, we bought it online! It came very quickly though and I have tried it on and it’s gorgeous, fingers crossed I will look stunning on New Years Eve.
On Friday we went to a friend of mine’s flat warming, despite her having moved in several months ago! We had a good time though playing on the pool table that her other half is keeping in the middle of her lounge! It was good to see her again as we haven’t seen her in almost a year so we had a catch up and an interesting, if slightly inappropriate, night!

When it comes to Christmas neither of us are in the festive spirit despite our best efforts: we bought a tree and decorated it, we wrote cards, we decorated the house, we bought and wrapped the presents, we listened to festive songs, but we’ve still got nuthin’. This year has been manic, especially this past month, and tomorrow Stuart, despite still being poorly, is being dragged to France despite the massive delays, failing eurotunnel trains and treacherous driving conditions on both sides of the channel. As a result Stuart will miss Yule, which is tomorrow, and won’t be back until late Christmas eve meaning he may also miss the Christmas eve celebrations with our friends. I’m just hoping that He won’t be stranded in France and unable to get back for Christmas day.
I plan to do some thinking while He’s away.

In a fortunate turn of events, a Yule miracle perhaps, Stuart is home for the run up to Christmas, and therefore for Yule today! 😀 I am thrilled!
Happy Yule to anyone celebrating, I hope you have more plans than I do!

Blessed Be!


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Well since Helen’s wonderful wedding my Fiance and I have been very busy trying to see everyone and sort everything before He toddled off to Mexico.

Last week we saw our friend Lucy for a couple of hours, it was also Rock and Metal night which we were supposed to go to but sadly I had agonising stomach cramps so we had to cancel 😦 It was nice to see Lucy and chat for a bit though.
On Saturday we popped into Acton Church to have a chat with the Vicar, well we tried, but they were closed! So then we thought we’d pop in to a see a family friend who hasn’t yet met Stuart, but she was out! In fact, aside from a nice night out that evening with a friend who we hadn’t seen since March, we had a fairly unpreductive day! It was great to see Rachel though, we had a lot of catching up to do and had a nice night out and Stuart got to see His friends before he went off to Mexico too.
On Sunday my lovely friend Martin came round and we went for coffee. We hadn’t seen him for ages either because he lives in Bristol now, so we got to have a good chat about very geeky stuff like Cataclysm coming out for WoW! I know, I’m so sad, but it’s good to geek sometimes! Stuart had to dash off a bit later to take Nick (his brother) to the airport so he could fly off to Italy again for work. Then we went to Church for a service (Eucarist), having sat down and just before the service started I had to get out of the Church, so off I went leaving poor Stuart sat there. Fortunately He seemed to quite enjoy the service and it certainly lifted His mood. After it finished He came outside to get me, after I had been standing in the rain and wind for an hour (I know, it was my fault!). We had a chat with the Vicar and he said it should be fine for us to get married there because of my ties to the church. Yay! 😀 After much thinking about why I walked out of the church, I think that it was mostly because of the expectation that you kneel, and partly because of the brainwashing which I sensed coming. I’m not big on the organised religion, and I have to say that standing in the rain at my Gran’s grave just confirmed that I made the right decision in my faith, I’m thinking that I probably shouldn’t mention that to the Vicar though!

On Monday (that would be yesterday) I did most of Stuart’s packing, ironed a lot of His shirts and generally organised the house ready for us to go to the Hotel in the evening. We got to the hotel a little later than planned, about 6, but we still had a fantastic evening with a delicious meal, it was lovely to be able to spend a relaxing evening with my Hubby to be before he left. Sadly He couldn’t have breakfast because His flight was at 6:10 so he left early, however I did have breakfast at about 9:30 and it was very yummy!Us on the train

Our HotelOur roomMe in bed!

I made it back safely on the train all alone too, go me! On my return I found my confirmation letter from Uni and did not deal with it very well at all! I am not even slightly looking forward to it, it’s all bad feelings, fortunately I’m seeing my councellor on Friday so hopefully she will help me deal with it at least a little better. On the plus side, I got to see my good friend Sami, who is also going to be my Maid of Honour 😀 woo hoo! Sadly she is off to Devon to work in a zoo for a year, will miss her loads! We had a good chat about everything and discussed lots of wedding details, specifically that a Maid of Honour has nothing to do with milking, bonnets or aprons!

Finally I’m sending big hugs and kisses and lots of love to my wonderful step-dad, Bill, who is in hospital at the moment waiting for an angiogram to see if his heart needs operating on again (he had a triple heart bypass when he was younger). Hopefully it will all be just fine and he wont need anything doing, fingers crossed everyone!

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