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Almost Home

I am aware that I am posting late but I’ve been busy, and have had no internet, damned frenchies.

Anyway, this week Stuart and I recorded, edited and set up the blog for our podcast which now has a name: World of Kink, I’ll pop a link up from here but if you know us or are related to us it’s probably going to be way too much information for you! It is an adult podcast so you have been warned! I’m really hoping it goes well, we’re trying to find somewhere to host it at the moment and any help would be greatly appreciated! We’re intending to discuss all varieties of kink and kinky news from around the world. I’m also trying to make it easier for people to find their kinky community in the UK because, as many people I’ve spoken to have noted, it’s very difficult to find people in real life.

Alongside the world of podcasting we went to St Malo yesterday which was lovely. We had a wander on a beach on the way there to give the dogs a break from sitting in the car. We had lunch in a lovely, small restaurant, sadly the quiche type thing that I ordered tasted so strongly of vinegar that my main meal consisted of vinegar and potato, fortunately the fruit crumble I had for pudding was delicious! The rest of the family were very happy with their foreign pork dish and bread and butter pudding, unfortunately, having the sensitive pallet that I do, any form of spice burns my mouth really badly, all together now “awwww, poor you”!
After our lunch we split up and Stuart and I went for a wander around St Malo on our own, we went along the walls, which I will now gush about because I absolutely love stone walls, especially when they are warmed by the sun, they feel so smooth and strong, and round the town and watched a man dressed as Aladdin do some interesting tricks with a glass ball and a diablo. I’ll put up some photos soon as it is very difficult to describe just how beautiful St Malo is, the sea is a gorgeous bluey green and the sand on the beaches is a glorious golden colour, just like in the photos you see of celebrity get-aways! More gushing now because I adore looking at water, especially waves, the colours are stunning and it fascinates me the way the water moves and sounds. Sadly we didn’t get to sunbathe on the beach or go in the sea because they don’t allow dogs on the beach 😦 However we did get a huge candy floss on a stick (screw you health and safety!) a crepe and a waffle while we pottered around the beautiful old town. It was a lovely day out and it was really sunny too so I am nicely tanned to return home and make everyone jealous!

St Malo Beach

Us on the walls

On Tuesday I had my haircut by Francine, the local hairdresser, she speaks no English at all, so I tried my best with my limited French to tell her that I wanted the same style and length but a little trim and some weight taking out. Evidently that is not what I said as I came out with a semi-sweeping fringe, and a lot of what can only be described as “zhuzsh”. Having washed it, blow dried it and straightened it myself since it looks a lot better, but it does mean that I have to start growing my layers out again from scratch, bugger! Photos to follow when I get a stable internet connection.

Stuart and I went bowling on Tuesday with Bill, my step-dad, and the Tuesday club, a group of English people in the area they are in in France who meet up one Tuesday a month to chat and things. It was the first time I’ve been bowling in ages and my wrist is pretty painful now and I did terribly! I used to be good at bowling, I swear, but you would not have believed it! Despite my terrible performance we had a good night 🙂

In other news, we are flying home tomorrow 😀 I can’t wait, I’m so excited to be back in England where we can shop 24/7 and have stable internet and social interaction! Being in France has made me think twice about us moving out of the UK, I very much value my practicalities like being able to nip out to the supermarket and have them sell everything I need in one place (in season or not!), public transport, proper internet and not having to drives miles to see another person. Ah Blighty, how I have missed you!


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