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I’ve started packing! It is progressing slowly. Stuart refuses to throw anything out so, once again, I am having to be more ruthless with my stuff. I’m gradually adding stuff to the sale list which will be going on ebay in the next couple of weeks (once I figure out how to use ebay to sell!). So far the stuff to come with us stands at 9 boxes and that’s only from one and a half rooms, it’s not looking good! Only 4 or 5 boxes in the store pile at the moment and hopefully I will be getting rid of those in a week or two so they will be out of the way. The lounge is a bomb site at the moment, boxes everywhere, stuff that needs sorting everywhere else and the small areas that would be empty are stacked with stuff to sell, it’s a nightmare!

We still have no idea what’s happening with the Guinea Pigs, I’m hoping and praying that they can come with us. On the plus side Stuart has found some lovely houses and we have pretty much decided on the bank that we’re going with. Slowly but surely it’s all coming together. We still have no firm date for the move but by the time Stuart comes back home we should do. I’m hoping it’s sooner rather than later because I’m fed up with the society in Britain and the attitudes held by the people in it, but that’s a rant for another blog.

In Wedding news: One of my Maid’s of Honour and I went to Crewe Hall on official Wedding business last night, it was by invite only, how posh are we?! lol! Jess got to see the hall, and the atrocious new bit that they’ve stuck on the side of it. We both pondered over why on earth they haven’t licensed the beautiful chapel that they have and despaired at how horrendous the new part is and how much it ruins the rest of it. Were it not for the new glass and steel addition to Crewe Hall I think it would be one of our favourites but the more I see the new bit the more I hate it.
Anyway, we saw yet more photographers, bringing to running total up to one million and one, and I am now sold on chair covers which I had already ruled out! Oh, and we’re having a chocolate fountain, because wow was it yummy and it smelled fantastic!
We also got fireworks which were very pretty 🙂 Although I am still undecided as to whether to have anything at all going on at the reception aside from drinking and dancing.

Today Stuart and I have made some decisions on cake and Wedding Breakfast menu  (based on us having the reception at Wrenbury Hall). We have finally been able to compromise on the cake as it was the only thing that we were disagreeing on, now I just have to get the nice lady to design it and give us a price! Hopefully we can book Wrenbury Hall when Stuart gets back and sees just how fantastic it is in real life and then I can start booking everything else too! I’m getting a bit nervous about seeing the Vicar on the 3rd December, he was quite pushy the last time I saw him and I don’t do well with people trying to dictate to me, especially on an occasion that is only going to happen once so it is going to be perfect and no bugger else is going to stop it! It’s our Wedding, not his, if he wants this that and the bloody other, he can get married again! Sorry, rant over!

In health news, I am not sleeping very well at all. Well…that may not be entirely accurate, I am sleeping well once I get to sleep, it’s just that I’m not getting to sleep until 5 or 6 am! I think it’s partly due to running on Mexican time so that I get to talk to Stuart and I really hope it sorts itself out once he’s back because it’s driving me insane and means I’m not getting up ’til 2 or 3 pm. That in turn is affecting my eating meaning that I’m only eating one meal a day because I’ve slept through breakfast and lunch, the joys of long distance relationships. Do you know what my advice is? Don’t do it! Either move with them or break up, it’s not worth it.

Oh, telly wise I am shocked and appalled that Jamie Afro is no longer in X factor, he was my favourite to win. So now I’m a Jedward supporter 100% Go twins, you rock!
I was really looking forward to I’m a Celebrity get me out of here and enjoyed the first episode, Stuart to win! But I am now boycotting because they’ve put that tramp who calls herself a mother back in and I refuse to have everyone of my senses offended by trash like that.

Right, I’m feeling like I’m rambling now so I’ll shut up!


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Firstly a little TV update. I am loving X factor this year, especially Jedward who were absolutely fantastic tonight singing Queen’s “We will rock you,” which I will hopefully post a link to when it’s up on youtube! I know they can’t sing, or dance but they are hilarious every week and you can’t deny that they are entertaining. I’m not voting Jedward to win though, my money is on Lucie or Jamie Afro, love them both to pieces, Danyl however is just not as good as everyone seems to think! The man can’t do anything but yell, that’s not what I want to hear, if that’s what I wanted to listen to I would buy some cats, put them in a bag and swing them against a wall, but I’m not that mean! He proved tonight that he can’t sing a melody or in tune and I hope he goes this week. Hate me all you like folks, it’s true!

Right, now to reality! It’s looking more and more likely each day that next year we will be moving to Mexico. We have found out today that we can get a bank account out there with no problems, so now we’re looking for a house to rent and trying to find out if we can take our babies (the guinea pigs) out there, and if we can, how?! I’m not 100% sure how I’m feeling about the move yet but I miss Stuart so much. Having heard so many awful stories about certain parts of Mexico it does kind of taint your view! I’m sure it’s not all violent and third world… Anyway, we shall see, it’s a Rupert Bear Adventure as my Mother says!

Speaking of my Mother, Happy Birthday! She was born on Halloween!

On a Halloweeny note: Happy Samhain to everyone (or at least everyone who celebrates!)
I don’t need to tell those of you who know me that this year has been pretty rough for us and for our friends and family. Despite us getting engaged, which was the best news ever(!), Stuart has been away for most of this year which has been really hard on both of us because we both put such value in family life and being at home, Stuart has started His new job which has been a big challenge for Him but He is rising to it every day and I am so proud! Of course I attempted Uni this year as well, sadly it didn’t go as well as I’d hoped but I’m not especially bothered, I have the rest of my life to get a degree. My step-dad has had some heart trouble again which is still causing some worry so I’m sending all my love to him and hoping he goes to get his test results soon.
2009 all round seems to have been a pretty rubbish year for everyone I know; a lot of people have been lost and a lot of bad stuff has happened, anyway hopefully next year will be much better. And on that note:

Thank the Goddess for bringing it round,
Let us leave behind the pain this year has found
And find happiness in this new year
Let’s pray for no suffering and for no fear.

Blessed Be

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Well seeing as the uni situation didn’t work out I’m now in the market for a job. However said job needs to be somewhere small and preferably in Nantwich, so it could be interesting! Fingers crossed though! I’ve started picking someone’s brain about the care industry and am going to pop into the Lady Verdin Trust next week to see if they have any jobs going.

Talking of searching, I’m also house hunting for somewhere for Stuart and I to live in the new year. We still don’t know if we’ll even be in the UK for much longer so that makes it more difficult! Who knew life could get so complicated? I’m hoping that we’ll get to spend Christmas in the house we’re in at the moment though so that we can have a proper Christmas in our own home and say goodbye. I’m so soft and sentimental!

On the plus side, my parents have left the building! Life is quiet again and less stressful again, thank the Goddess! They went on their merry way a couple of hours ago, sadly they took my babies with them 😦 so there are no lovely doggies in the house any more, but off they went with their new caravan to Poole and then on to France. I think they’re visiting people on the way to the ferry on Monday. Hopefully I won’t be seeing them again for a long time.
Also, I need an iPod nano for my Mum’s birthday/Christmas present. I keep being outbid on ebay 😦

Also, in my usual over expectant and princessy way I have done an amazon wish list to give people ideas for Christmas presents! The link is on the left so feel free to browse and buy me stuff, how cheeky am I?! It was not entirely my idea, Weewifie whom I follow on twitter (she blogs too) did one and said it was great fun, which it was!

And RIP Steven Gately, I am a huge Boyzone fan and have been since I was a kid and I always loved him. Thoughts are with his Husband, family, friends and the rest of the group, he seemed like the nicest man in the world. Oh, and Jan Moir, shut the f**k up you evil cow.

In telly news, I am loving season 5 of Supernatural so far, seasons 2 and 4 are my favourites so far but it may be a contender! Also really enjoying True Blood which looks like it’s going to be an excellent series, and not just for the fantastic sex scenes! I’m not so hooked on Flash Forward as the rest of the UK seems to be but it’s not bad! Of course, I am hooked on X factor, despite the lack of talent this year! My money is on one of the over’s to win, mainly because they’re the talented ones! I really wish that they could have not put through any of the groups and all the over’s, that would have been much fairer. I was really chuffed to see Robbie back on stage, even if he did look like a deer caught in the headlights, his performance was fantastic although I don’t like the song. This week I really hope Cheryl Cole sings live because I think it’s disgusting that anyone is allowed to mime, if you can’t sing live then you shouldn’t do it at all.

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