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Is it ‘cos I’m geek?!

Well yesterday my google wave invite came through from one of the wonderful people I follow on twitter! I have a few invites but am getting friends and twitterers on wave first, sorry, but you can request one from google from here or ask around on twitter like I did!



So far, I love it and I can totally see it catching on. Basically it is a combination of IM and email, meaning that you can attach photos and documents to it and have a history of the conversation, like email, but also add other people and have a real time discussion, like IM. You can see what people are typing as they type which means that you can reply before the other person has even pressed “done” making the conversation a lot smoother and quicker.

Main Features

One of the main selling points google is using on wave is the “playback” feature which allows you to quite literally playback the conversation as it happened. Exceptionally useful for new additions to the wave who need to catch up and see how the wave has developed. It’s pretty interesting to watch as the conversation develops, you can not only see each “blip” in the order that it appears, but also any edits are highlighted meaning that you can see the original idea and how it became what it is now.

In my opinion the main selling point should be the language feature. On google wave you can set your language to, in my case, English and every “blip” sent is immediately translated into English meaning you can communicate with anyone in any language with no need to be sat with a foreign dictionary by your side! You could have a wave with British, French, Italian, Chinese and Russian people in it and everyone of you would be able to view the wave in your native language, invaluable for business! Alongside that you can easily add maps and weather reports and even stock reports to the wave.

The drag and drop function for attaching things to the wave is also very useful and the other people in the wave can see each photo as it uploads from your machine. There is also a “download” button that downloads all the photos posted by everyone in the wave, or you can view them all as a slideshow. From what I can see so far the same is true of documents.

Bots and Extensions

There are also bots on wave which can do all sorts! From conversation bots so you can wave even if you’re alone, to twitter and blog bots. Yes, you can tweet directly from wave, you can get all your updates to wave and you can search twitter all from wave. Also you can blog directly from wave, I haven’t tried it yet, but from what I see you can send a whole wave to blogger (obviously!) including the photos. The example google uses is organising a BBQ with friends, followed by discussion of said BBQ and photo, all uploaded to your blog in one easy click. Not only that, any responses to your blog are added to the wave so you can view them without even opening your blog!
Alongside this you can also set up wave to work as an RSS reader. I have no idea about RSS but I know a lot of people use it so I thought I’d mention it!

For organising social events, which will no doubt be my biggest use when it is released, it is fantastic. There are extensions to allow people to click “yes”, “no” or “maybe”. There are also polling options.
wave poll

Geek use and novelty items

For the geeks and role players among us, there is a dice bot that allows rolling of dice, making role play easy. You can also create a wave within a wave, a “ping”, so each player can have a private wave with the GM/DM that other players can’t see, but both that player and the GM/DM can see it in the same window as the original wave. Genius!
The wave in wave idea obviously has other applications but I thought the best example was role play (how geek am I?!)

For novelty value there is a “pirate speak” extension, that turns anything you type into pirate speak, much like the facebook option! Also a “swedish chef” speak for those who want to say “bork bork”. There are also games, so far sudoku, hangman and rock, paper, scissors.
Other useful extensions are a wikipedia one which can replace specified text with a link to it’s wiki page and a URL to pic bot which replaces the URL of photos with the image itself allowing you to see the photo in the wave.

In my opinion

My biggest problem with wave is the scrollbars that they are using. They are small and strange, I can’t get used to them! Obviously with it being in beta testing it has some glitches and can be slow if there is a lot going on, but other than that I think it’s fantastic, I’m totally hooked!

Links to better explanations!

You can google or youtube “google wave” and that will give you loads of information or just check out these links:

Quick explanation of wave, “15 features” is a simple explanation of 15 features of wave and this is google wave’s official overview. Hope that helps all you non geeks out there!


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Well since Helen’s wonderful wedding my Fiance and I have been very busy trying to see everyone and sort everything before He toddled off to Mexico.

Last week we saw our friend Lucy for a couple of hours, it was also Rock and Metal night which we were supposed to go to but sadly I had agonising stomach cramps so we had to cancel 😦 It was nice to see Lucy and chat for a bit though.
On Saturday we popped into Acton Church to have a chat with the Vicar, well we tried, but they were closed! So then we thought we’d pop in to a see a family friend who hasn’t yet met Stuart, but she was out! In fact, aside from a nice night out that evening with a friend who we hadn’t seen since March, we had a fairly unpreductive day! It was great to see Rachel though, we had a lot of catching up to do and had a nice night out and Stuart got to see His friends before he went off to Mexico too.
On Sunday my lovely friend Martin came round and we went for coffee. We hadn’t seen him for ages either because he lives in Bristol now, so we got to have a good chat about very geeky stuff like Cataclysm coming out for WoW! I know, I’m so sad, but it’s good to geek sometimes! Stuart had to dash off a bit later to take Nick (his brother) to the airport so he could fly off to Italy again for work. Then we went to Church for a service (Eucarist), having sat down and just before the service started I had to get out of the Church, so off I went leaving poor Stuart sat there. Fortunately He seemed to quite enjoy the service and it certainly lifted His mood. After it finished He came outside to get me, after I had been standing in the rain and wind for an hour (I know, it was my fault!). We had a chat with the Vicar and he said it should be fine for us to get married there because of my ties to the church. Yay! 😀 After much thinking about why I walked out of the church, I think that it was mostly because of the expectation that you kneel, and partly because of the brainwashing which I sensed coming. I’m not big on the organised religion, and I have to say that standing in the rain at my Gran’s grave just confirmed that I made the right decision in my faith, I’m thinking that I probably shouldn’t mention that to the Vicar though!

On Monday (that would be yesterday) I did most of Stuart’s packing, ironed a lot of His shirts and generally organised the house ready for us to go to the Hotel in the evening. We got to the hotel a little later than planned, about 6, but we still had a fantastic evening with a delicious meal, it was lovely to be able to spend a relaxing evening with my Hubby to be before he left. Sadly He couldn’t have breakfast because His flight was at 6:10 so he left early, however I did have breakfast at about 9:30 and it was very yummy!Us on the train

Our HotelOur roomMe in bed!

I made it back safely on the train all alone too, go me! On my return I found my confirmation letter from Uni and did not deal with it very well at all! I am not even slightly looking forward to it, it’s all bad feelings, fortunately I’m seeing my councellor on Friday so hopefully she will help me deal with it at least a little better. On the plus side, I got to see my good friend Sami, who is also going to be my Maid of Honour 😀 woo hoo! Sadly she is off to Devon to work in a zoo for a year, will miss her loads! We had a good chat about everything and discussed lots of wedding details, specifically that a Maid of Honour has nothing to do with milking, bonnets or aprons!

Finally I’m sending big hugs and kisses and lots of love to my wonderful step-dad, Bill, who is in hospital at the moment waiting for an angiogram to see if his heart needs operating on again (he had a triple heart bypass when he was younger). Hopefully it will all be just fine and he wont need anything doing, fingers crossed everyone!

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